Frequent Acronyms and Abbreviations used in Cold War History Research (Alphabetical Order)
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A/A - anti-aircraft
- Office of the Administrator, Agency for International Development
AAN - Archive of Modern Records, Warsaw (Polish)
AB - Air Base
ABC - American Broadcasting Company
ABF - Attacks by Fire

ABM - Anti-Ballistic Missile
ACA - Office of Asian Communist Affairs, Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs, U.S. Department of State
ACC - Allied Control Commission
ACDA - Arms Control and Disarmament Agency, U.S.
ADB - Asian Development Bank
ADOA - Air Defense Operations Agreement
AEC - Atomic Energy Commission, U.S.
AF - Air Force, U.S.
AF - Bureau of African Affairs, U.S. Department of State
AFB - Air Force Base, U.S.
AFEX - Air Force Europe Exchange
AFL-CIO - American Federation of Labor - Congress of Industrial Organizations
AFLD - Association of Fighters for Liberty and Democracy, Poland
AFP - French Press Agency (French)
AG - Attorney General
AGARD - Advisory Group for Air Research and Development
AID - Agency for International Development
AIPN - Archive of the Institute of National Rememberance, Warsaw (Polish)
AKEL - Progressive Party of the Working People of Cyprus (Greek)
AMAS - American Military Assistance Staff
- Ambassador
AMCITS - American Citizens
AMCONGEN - American Consul General
AMCONSUL - American Consul
Amembassy - American Embassy
AMR - Romanian Military Archives, Bucharest (Romanian)
AMSZ - Archive of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Warsaw (Polish)
AMZV - Archive of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Prague (Czech)
AP - Associated Press
APC - Armored Personal Carrier
APC - Accelerated Pacification Campaign
APFCO - Athens-Pireus Electric Company (Greek)
APJ - Association of Polish Journalists
APL - Albanian Party of Labor
APO - Army Post Office
APRF - Archive of the Presidents of the Russian Federation, Moscow
ARA - Bureau of Inter-American Affairs, U.S. Department of State
ARVN - Army of the Republic of Vietnam (South Vietnam)
ASA - Association of Southeast Asia
ASAP - As soon as possible
- Association of Southeast Asian Nations
- Asian and Pacific Council
- Army Security Service, Poland
ATAF - Allied Tactical Air Force
AUV KSČ - Archive of the CPCz CC, Prague (Czech)
ÁVH - State Security Authority, Hungary, since 1948 (Hungarian)
ÁVO - Department of State Security, Hungary, 1946-1948 (Hungarian)
AVPRF - Foreign Policy Archive of the Russian Federation, Moscow (Russian)


B-52 - United States Air Force strategic bomber
- a method of communication outside normal bureaucratic procedure
- Federal Archives of Germany, Military Branch (German)
BCP - Bulgarian Communist Party
BDJ - (West German) Federation of German Youth (German)
BGL - Factory or Trade Union Leadership (German)
BIS - Bank for International Settlements
BMV - Czechoslovak Bureau of the City Committee (Czech)
BMZP - German Federal Archives - Temporary Military Archives, Potsdam (German)
BNA - Office of British Commonwealth and Northern European Affairs, Bureau of European Affairs, U.S. Department of State
BOB - Bureau of Budget, U.S.
- balance of payments
- Baghdad Pact
- Factory Party Cell (German)
BPR - Bulgarian People's Republic
BRD - Federal Republic of Germany/West Germany (German)


C-130 - United States Airforce transport plane
- Office of the Counselor of the Department of State
- circular airgram
- Chinese Air Force
- Central Archive of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Warsaw (Polish)
CANDEL - Canadian Delegation
CAP - Combined Action Platoon
CAT - Civil Air Transport
CBS - Columbia Broadcasting System
CBMs - Confidence-Building Measures
CC - Central Committee
CCA - Chinese Communist Army
CCN - Chinese Communist Navy
CCP - Chinese Communist Party
CCTU - Central Council of Trade Unions
Cde. - Comrade
CDM - Committee of Ministers of Defense
CDU - Christian Democratic Union, FRG (German)
CEA - Council of Economic Advisers, U.S.
CECSPSE - Conference of European Countries for Safeguarding Peace and Security in Europe
CEMA - Council for Mutual Economic Assistance (see COMECON)
CENTO - Central Asian Treaty Organization, Baghdad Pact
CET - Central European Theater
CFEP - Council on Foreign Economic Policy
CFM - Committee of Ministers of Foreign Affairs
Chicom(s) - Chinese Communists
CHINAT - Chinese Nationalists
CHIREP - Chinese representation at the UN
CHMAAG - Chief of the Military Assistance Advisory Group, ROC
CI - counterinsurgency
CIA - Central Intelligence Agency
CIA/ONE - Central Intelligence Agency, Office of National Estimates
CIAP - Inter-American Committee for the Alliance for Progress
CIB - Central Intelligence Bulletin, CIA
CIC - Clubs of Catholic Intelligentsia
CIC - United States Army Counterintelligence Corps
CIEP - Concil on International Economic Policy, U.S.
CIF - Chinese Irregular Forces
CINC - Commander in Chief
CINCLANT - Commander in Chief, Atlantic, U.S.
CINCMEAFSA - Commander in Chief, Middle East, South Asia, and Africa South of the Sahara; U.S.
CINCPAC - Commander in Chief, Pacific; U.S.
CINCPACAF - Commander in Chief, Pacific Air Force; U.S.
CINCPACFLT - Commander in Chief, Pacific Fleet; U.S.
CINCPAC/POLAD - Commander in Chief, Pacific, Political Adviser; U.S.
CINCSTRIKE - Commander in Chief, Strike Command; U.S.
CINCUNK - Commander in Chief of United Nations Forces in Korea
CINCUSARPAC - Commander in Chief, U.S. Army Pacific
CIO - Congress of Industrial Organizations
CIP - Commodities import program, U.S.
CIP - Confederation for an Independent Poland
CKKP - Central Party Control Commission (Czech)
CL - Classified
ČLA - Czechoslovak People's Army (Czech)
CMC - Cyprus Mines Corporation
CMC - Commandant of the Marine Corps, U.S.
CMD - Committee of Ministers of Defense
CMEA - Council for Mutual Economic Assistance (also COMECON)
CMFA - Committee of Ministers of Foreign Affairs
CNO - Chief of Naval Operations, U.S.
CNU - Committee of National Union, Turkey
Cocom - Coordinating Committee on Export Controls, U.S.
Codel - Congressional delegation
Col. - Colonel
Cominform - Communist Information Bureau
COMINT - Communications Intelligence
Comintern - Communist International
COMUSMACV - Commander in Chief, U.S. Military Assistance Command, Vietnam
CONG - Congress, Congressman
COSVN - Central Office for South Vietnam
CP - Citizen's Police
CPA - Czechoslovak People's Army
CPC - Committee of Party Control
CPC - Communist Party of China
CPCC - Central Party Control Commission
CPCz - Communist Party of Czechoslovakia
CPR - Chinese People's Republic, see PRC
CPT - Communist Party of Thailand
CPSU - Communist Party of the Soviet Union
CPUkr - Communist Party of the Ukraine
CRZZ - Central Council of Trade Unions (Polish)
CSA - Chief of Staff of the Army, U.S.
CSAF - Chief of Staff of the Army, U.S.
CSCE - Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe
ČSM - Czechoslovak Youth Association (Czech)
CSPS - Center for Socio-Professional Studies
ČSR - Czechoslovak Republic (until July 11, 1960)
ČSR - Czechoslovak Socialist Republic (Czech)
ČSSR - Czechoslovak Socialist Republic (after July 11, 1960)
CST - Central Standard Time
CSU - Christian Social Union , FRG (German)
CT - Thai Communist Insurgents
CT-Country Team
CTO - Chief Technical Organization
CTZ - Corps Tactical Zone
CU - Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, Department of State, U.S.
CUAC - Central Union of Agricultural Circles
CWS - Conference of Workers' Self-Government
CY - Calendar Year
CZKR - Central Union of Agricultural Circles (Polish)
CzPA - Czechoslovak People's Army
CzR - Czechoslovak Republic
CzSR - Czechoslovak Socialist Republic
CzZV - Czechoslovak Factory Party Workers' Committee (Czech)

C-in-C - Commander-in-Chief
C-of-S - Chief of Staff


D/INR - Director, Bureau of Intelligence and Research, U.S. Department of State
- Department of the Army
- (West) German Intelligence Service (German)
DAO - Defense Attaché Office, U.S.
DATT - Defense Attaché, U.S.
DC - District Committee
DCI - Director of Central Intelligence (U.S.)
DCID - Director of Central Intelligence Directive, U.S.
DCM - Deputy Chief of Mission (U.S.)
DDC - Office of the Deputy Director for Coordination, Bureau of Intelligence and Research, U.S. Department of State
DDCI - Deputy Director of Central Intelligence, U.S.
DDO - Deputy Directorate for Operations, U.S.
DDP - Deputy Directorate for Plans
DDR - German Democratic Republic/East Germany (German)
DefMin - Minister of Defense
DefSec - Defense Secretary
Del. - Delegate, Delegation
Dept - Department of State, U.S.
Depcirtel - circular telegram from the Department of State
DepFonMin - Deputy Foreign Minister
Deptel - Departments of State telegram
DIA - Defense Intelligence Agency
- Director General
DG - Director General
Dis - Dissemination

DISZ - Union of Working Youth (Hungarian)
DKP - (West) German Communist Party (German)
DL - Development Loan
DLF - Development Loan Fund
DMZ - Demilitarized zone
DOD - Department of Defense (U.S.)
DOS - Department of State, U.S.
DP - Democratic Party
DP - Democratic Party, Turkey
DPM - Deputy Prime Minister
DPRC - Defense Program Review Committee, U.S.
DPRG - Defense Program Review Group, U.S.
DPRK - Democratic People's Republic of Korea
DRV - Democratic Republic of Vietnam
(North Vietnam)
DTG - Date/Time/Group


E - Bureau of Economic Affairs, U.S. Department of State
- Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs, U.S. Department of State
- Office of Asian Communist Affairs, Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs, U.S. Department of State
- Office of Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Islands Affairs, Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs, U.S. Department of State
- Office of Loas, Cambodian Affairs, Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs, U.S. Department of State
EA/RA - Office of Regional Affairs, Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs, U.S. Department of State
- Office of Republic of China Affairs, Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs, U.S. Department of State
- Office of Republic of Korea Affairs, Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs, U.S. Department of State
- Committee for the Restoration of Democracy (Greek)
- Executive Committee
ECAFE - United Nations Economic Commission for Asia and the Far East
ECOSOC - Economic and Social Council, United Nations
EDA - United Democratic Left of Greece (Greek)
EDC - European Defense Committee
EDFO - Economic Development Financing Organization
EDMA - United Democratic Reconstruction/Regeneration Front of Cyprus (Greek)
EE - Eastern Europe
EEC - European Economic Community
EFTA - European Free Trade Area
ELR - Elliot L. Richardson
Emb - Embassy
Emboff - Embassy Officer
Embtel - Embassy telegram
ENDC - Eighteen-Nation Disarmament Committee
EOB - Executive Office Building
- National Organization of Cypriot Fighters (Greek)
- European Payments Union
- European Security Conference
- Eastern Standard Time
- European Command, U. S. Army
EUR - Bureau of European Affairs, U.S. Department of State
EUR/SOV - Office of Soviet Union Affairs, Bureau of European Affairs, U.S. Department of State
Exdis - exclusive distribution
Ex-Im - Export-Import Bank of Washington, U.S.


F-4 (Phantom) - twin engine turbo jet, all weather, supersonic tactical fighter bomber with two crew members
F-5 (Freedom Fighter)
- twin engine, supersonic light tactical fighter with one or two crew members
- single engine, supersonic fighter aircraft
- fighter: designation used for U.S. fighter aircraft
- Foreign Assets Control, U.S.
- United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization
- Khmer National Armed Forces (French)
- Royal Khmer Armed Forces (French)
- Royal Khmer Armed Forces (French)
Federal Bureau of Investigation, U.S.
- Foreign Broadcast Information Service
FC - Factory Committee
FDGB - (East German) Free German Trade Unions (German)
FDJ - (East German) Free German Youth (German)
FDF - Finnish Defense Force
FDP - Free Democratic Party of the FRG (German)
FE - Far East
FGY - (East German) Free German Youth
FJN - Front for National Unity (Polish)
Flash - message of highest priority to the Secretary of State
FM - foreign minister

FMS - Foreign Military Sales (U.S.)
FNA - Front of National Accord
FNU - Front for National Unity
FO - Foreign Office (Great Britain)
FOIA - Freedom of Information Act (U.S.)
FonMin - foreign minister
FonOff - foreign office
FPA - Front of National Accord (Polish)
FPRY - Federal People's Republic of Yugoslavia
FR - Federal Register
FR - France
FRC - Federal Records Center, Siutland, MD
FRG - Federal Republic of Germany/West Germany
FRUS - Foreign Relations of the U.S.
FSO - Foreign Service Officer, U.S.
FSR - Foreign Service Reserve Officer, U.S.
FSS - Foreign Service Staff officer, U.S.
FT - foreign trade
FWF - Free World Forces
FY - Fiscal Year
FYI - for your information


GA - United Nations General Assembly
- General Accounting Office
- General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade
- Gross domestic product
- German Democratic Republic/East Germany
GEC - German Economic Commission
Gen. - General
GER - Bureau of German Affairs, U.S. Department of State
GFR - German Federal Republic
GIMO - Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek
GIO - Government Information Office, ROC
GM - Ministers' Secretariat (Polish)
GMT - Greenwich Mean Time
GNP - Gross national product
GOC - Government of Canada
GOC - Government of Cambodia
GOC -Government of Cyprus
GOG - Government of Greece
GOI - Government of India
GOI - Government of Indonesia
GOJ - Government of Japan
GOT - Government of Turkey
GOVT - Government
GOY - Government of Yugoslavia
GPO - Government Printing Office, U.S.
GRC - Government of the Republich of China
GS - General Schedule
GSA - General Services Administration, U.S.
GSEE - Greek General Confederation of Labor (Greek)
GSFG - Group of Soviet Forces, Germany
GŠ-OS - Operations Directorate of the General Staff (CzPA)
GUB - Government of the Union of Burma
GVN - Government of Vietnam
GVP - All-German People's Party (German)

GVR - Government of the Republic of (South) Vietnam


H - Bureau of Congressional Relations, U.S. Departments of State
- Henry A. Kissinger
- His Excellency
- Department of Health, Education and Welfare, U.S.
- House Foreign Affairs Committee, U.S.
- U.S. High Commissioner for Occupied Germany
HK - Hongkong
HK - Henry Kissinger
HKG - Hongkong Government
HL/HM - Hungarian Military History Archive, Budapest (Hungarian)
HMG - Her Majesty's Government, U.K.
HO - East German Retail Trading Association (German)
HPA- Hungarian People's Army
HPR - Hungarian People's Republic
hq - Headquarters
HR - House Resolution, U.S.
HSSS - Higher School of Social Studies (PUWP CC)
HSWP - Hungarian Socialist Workers' Party
HUD - Department of Housing and Urban Development, U.S.
HUMINT - Human Intelligence
HVA - Main Intelligence Administration, GDR (German)
HVDVP - Main Administration of the German People's Police, GDR (German)
HWP - Hungarian Worker's Party


I - Office of the Director, U.S. Information Agency
- International Atomic Energy Agency
- Intelligence Bureau, Ministry of National Defense, ROC
- International Beank for Reconstruction and Development, World Bank
- intercontinental ballistic missile
- International Control and Supervision Commission
- International Court of Justice
- International Committee, Red Cross
- Italian Communist Party
IFC - Inter-Institute Founding Committee
IFI - International Financial Institution
- Interdepartmental Group
IG/EUR - Interdepartmental Group for Europe
- International Labor Organization
IMF - International Monetary Fund
INF - Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces
INR - Bureau of Intelligence and Research, U.S. State Department
IO - Bureau of International Organization Affairs, U.S. State Department
IPN - Institute of National Rememberance, Warsaw (Polish)
IQ - Important Question
IRBM - intermediate range ballistic missile
IRG - Interdepartmental Regional Group, U.S.
ISA - Office of International Security Affairs, U.S. Department of Defense
IUS - Independent Union of Students


JAF - Joint Armed Forces, also UAF
JCRR - Joint Commission on Rural Reconstruction, ROC
- Joint Chiefs of Staff (U.S.)
JCSM - Joint Chiefs of Staff Memorandum, U.S.
JHH - John Herbert Holdridge
JNV - Czechoslovak City Government (Czech)
JRC - Joint Reconnaissance Center
JUSMAG - Joint United States Military Group
JUSMMAG - Joint United States Mission for Military Aid to Greece
JUSMMAG - Joint United States Mission for Military Aid to Turkey
JUSPAO - Joint United States Public Affairs Office
JZD - Czechoslovak Standard Farming Cooperatives (Czech)


K - Kissinger
- Cabinet of the Minister of Defense (Czech)
KC - Central Committee (Polish)
KD - District Committee (Polish)
KGB - Committee for State Security (USSR)
KGMO - Main Headquarters of the Citizens' Police (Polish)
KgU - Fighting Group against Inhumanity (German)
KHR - Khmer Republic
- Clubs of Catholic Intelligentsia (Polish)
KK - National Commission (Polish)
KKE - Greek Communist Party (Greek)
KKP - Committee of Party Control (Czech)
KKP - National Coordinating Commission (Polish)
KMT - Kuomintang, Nationalist Party, ROC
KMT - Greater Budapest Central Workers' Council (Hungarian)
KNV - Czechoslovak organ of state administration, Regional National Committee (Czech)
KOK - Homeland Defense Committee (Polish)
KOR - Committee for Workers' Defense (Polish)
KPD - German Communist Party, FRG (German)
KPDR - Korean People's Democratic Republic
KPN - Confederation for an Independent Poland (Polish)
KSR - Conference of Workers' Self-Government (Polish)
KSS - Committee for Social Self-Defense (Polish)
KT - kilotons
KV - Czechoslovak Regional Party Committee
KVP - Garrisoned People's Police East Germany, (German)
KW - Voivodeship Committee (Polish)
KW - Executive Committee (Polish)
KWMO - Voivodeship Headquarters of the Citizens' Police (Polish)
KZ - Factory Committee (Polish)


L - Office of the Legal Adviser, U.S. Department of State
- Latin America
- League of Yugoslav Communists
- Less developed country
- Liberal Democratic Party
LDX - long distance xerography
Limdis - limited distribution
LM - Czechoslovak People's Militia (Czech)
LOA - Letter of Offer and Acceptance (U.S.)
LOC - lines of communication
LPF - Lao Patriotic Front, Pathet Lao
LPG - Agricultural Production Cooperative (German)
LTA - long-term agreement
- Lieutenant General
- Polish People's Army (Polish)


M-1 - World War II-era U.S. military rifle
- semi automatic U.S. military rifle
- U.S. military field rifle
- armored personnel carrier
- Military Assistance Advisory Group
- Military Assistance Command
- Military Assistance Command, Vietnam
- Military Assistance/Aid Program
- Military Assistance Service Funded
- Military Base Agreement
- Mutual and Balanced Force Reductions
MC - Military Council
MD - Military District
MDP - Hungarian Workers' Party (Hungarian)
ME - Middle East
MEFESZ - Hungarian Association of University and College Unions (Hungarian)
MemCon - memorandum of conversation
- Ministry of Foreign Affairs
MFA - multifiber agreement
MfAA - Ministry of Foreign Affairs (GDR)
MFG - Military Frontier Guards
MFN - Most Favored Nation
MfS - Ministry for State Security, GDR (German)
MGB - Ministry of State Security, GDR (Russian)
MGCMI - Multilateral Group on Current Mutual Information
MHCP - Main Headquarters of the Citizens' Police
MHWU - Ministry of Internal Trade and Services (Polish)
MIA - Ministry of Internal Affairs
MIA - missing in action
MID - Ministry of Foreign Affairs, USSR (Russian)
MIL - military
MILAD - miitary adviser
MinDef - Minister of Defense
MIRV - Multiple Independently Targetable Re-entry vehicle
MisOff - mission officer
MITS - Ministry of Internal Trade and Services
MKR - Interfactory Workers' Committee (Polish)
MKS - Interfactory Strike Committee (Polish)
MKZ - Inter-Institute Founding Committee (Polish)
MLF - Multilateral Force
mm - Millimeter
MND - Ministry of National Defense
MNO - Ministry of National Defense, Czechoslovakia (Czech)
MO - Polish People's Militia (Polish)
MoD - Ministry of Defense
MOFA - Ministry of Foreign Affairs
MOL - Hungarian National Archives, Budapest (Hungarian)
MON - Ministry of National Defense (Polish)
MONG - Mongolia
MP - Member of Parliament
MPA - Main Political Administration
MPR - Mongolian People's Republic
MR - military region
MR - memorandum for the record
MRBM - medium-range ballistic missile
MRN - National Municipal Council (Polish)
MRS - Machine-Rental Stations
MS - Ministers' Secretariat
MSA - Mutual Security Agency (U.S.)
MSW - Ministry of Internal Affairs (Polish)
MSZMP - Hungarian Socialist Workers' Party (Hungarian)
MT - metric ton
MTS - Machine Tractor Stations
MVD - Ministry of Internal Affairs, USSR (Russian)


NA II - U.S. National Archives (College Park, MD)
NARA - National Archives and Records Administration, U.S.
- National Aeronautics and Space Administration, U.S.
- North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NBC - National Broadcasting Company
NC - National Commission
NCC - National Coordinating Commission
NCO - non-commissioned officer
NE - northeast
NEA - Bureau of Near Eastern and South Asian Affairs, U.S. Department of State
NEP - New Economic Policy
NESA - Bureau for Near East and South Asia, Agency for International Development
- night action, communications indicator requiring attention by the recipient at any hour of the day or night
- National Intelligence Council, U.S.
- National Intelligence Estimate
NIPE - National Intelligence Programs Evaluation
NIRB - National Intelligence Resources Board
NJW - Vistula Military Units (Polish)
NLF - National Liberation Front, Vietnam
NLFSVN - National Liberation Front of South Vietnam
nm - nautical mile

NMC - National Municipal Council
Nodis - no distribution (other than to persons indicated)
Noforn - no foreign dissemination
NOT - Chief Technical Organization (Polish)
Notal - not received by all addresses
NPA - National People's Army (GDR)
NPP - National Peasant Party
NPT - Non-Proliferation Treaty
NSA - National Security Archive, U.S.
NSA - National Security Agency, U.S.
NSAM - National Security Action Memorandum, U.S.
NSC - National Security Council, U.S.
NSDM - National Security Decision Memorandum
NSSM - National Security Study Memorandum
NSZZ - Independent Self-Governing Trade Union (Polish)
NT - New Taiwan Dollar
NVA - North Vietnamese Army
NVA - National People's Army, GDR (German)
NVNA - North Vietnamese Army
NVA/VC - North Vietnamese Army / Viet Cong
NVC - National Voivodeship Council
NVN - North Vietnam
NZ - New Zealand
NZS - Independent Union of Students (Polish)


OASD - Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense
- Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs, U.S.
- overtaken by events
- Operations Coordinating Board (U.S.)
OCI - Office of Current Intelligence, U.S.
OECD - Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
OEP - Office of Emergency Preparedness
O&M - Operations and maintenance
OMB - Office of Management and Budget (U.S.)
ONE - Office of National Estimates, CIA
OPA - Group for a Proletarian Left, Greece (Greek)
OPIC - Overseas Private Investment Corporation
OPSZ - Center for Socio-Professional Studies (Polish)
ORMO - Voluntary Reserves of the Citizens' Police (Polish)
OS - Outer Seven (members of the EFTA)
OSD - Office of the Secretary of Defense (U.S.)
OSD/ISA - Office of the Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs, U.S.
OS-OL - Operations Directorate, Olomouc Collection (Polish)
OUSD - Office of the Under Secretary of Defense, U.S.
OW - Military District (Polish)


P - Bureau of Public Affairs, U.S. Department of State
P - President
PA - purchase authorization

PA - Polish Army
PACAF - Pacific Air Force
PACOM - Pacific Command
PACFLT - Pacific Fleet
PAN - Polish Academy of Sciences (Polish)
PAO - public affairs officer
PAP - Polish Press Agency (Polish)
PARA - paragraph
PARA - Policy Analysis Resource Allocation
PAS - Polish Academy of Sciences
PAVN - People's Army of Vietnam
PB - Politburo
PC - Political Committee
PCC - Political Consultative Committee
PCC - Provisional Central Committee
PD - presidental determination
PDB - President's Daily Brief, U.S.

PEC - Provisional Executive Committee
PEO - Pancyprian Federation of Labor (Greek)
PermRep - permanent representative
PES - Polish Economic Society
PFIAB - President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board
PGOT - Provisional Government of Turkey
PGR - State Farm (Polish)
PKP - Polish State Railways (Polish)
PL - public law
PL - Pathet Lao
PLA - People's Liberation Army, PRC
PLP - Polish Labor Party
PM - Bureau of Politico-Military Affairs, U.S. Department of State
PM - Prime Minister
PMG - Politico-military Group
PNG - persona non grata
POF - President's Office Files
POL - petroleum, oil and lubricants
POL - Poland
POL - political
POLAD - political adviser
PolOff - political officer
POP - Primary Party Organization (Polish)
POW - Prisoner of War
PPA - Polish People's Army
PPA - Polish Press Agency
PPO - Primary Party Organization
PPP - Polish Labor Party (Polish)
PPP - Polish Populist Party
PPR - Polish People's Republic
PPWO - Permanent Political Working Organ of the Member-States of the Warsaw Treaty
PR - Polish Radio
PR - public relations
PRA - People's Republic of Albania
PRB - People's Republic of Bulgaria
PRC - People's Republic of China (see also CPR)
PRC - Policy Review Committee (U.S.)
PRES - the President
PriMin - prime minister
PRH - see HPR
PRL - Polish People's Republic (Polish)
PRO.FO - Public Records Office, British Foreign Office, Kew Gardens
PSB - Psychological Strategy Board (U.S.)
PSL - Polish Populist Party (Polish)
PSR - Polish State Railways
PTE - Polish Economic Society (Polish)
PUBP - County Office of State Security, Poland (Polish)
PUWP - Polish United Workers' Party
PZPR - Polish United Workers' Party (Polish)




R&D - research and development
- Regional Board
RCD - Organization of Regional Cooperation for Development
RCP - Romanian Communist Party
RD - rural development
reftel - reference telegram
rep - representative
res - resolution
RET'D - returned
RFE - Radio Free Europe
RG - Record Group
RG - Review Group
RGANI - Russian State Archive of Contemporary History (Russian)
RGS - Railway Guard Service
RIAS - Radio in the American Sector of Berlin
RMH - Regional Military Headquarters
RMN - Richard M. Nixon
RN - Richard Nixon
RNC - Republican National Committee
ROC - Republic of China (see also GRC)
ROK - Republic of Korea
ROVN - Republic of Vietnam
RPA - Romanian People's Army
RPP - Republican People's Party, Turkey
RPR - Romanian People's Republic (until 1965)
RSFSR - Russian Soviet Federal Socialist Republic
RSR - Socialist Republic of Romania (1965-1989)
RTV - Radio-Television
RVN - Republic of Vietnam
RVNAF - Republic of Vietnam Armed Forces
RWP - Romanian Worker's Party
RYU - Rural Youth Union


S - Office of the U.S. Secretary of State
- Ambassador at Large
S/P - Policy Planning Staff, U.S. Department of State
- Planning and Coordination Staff, U.S. Department of State
S/PRS - Office of Press Relations, U.S. Department of State
S/S - Executive Secretariat of the U.S. Department of State
SA - supporting assistance
SAC - Strategic Air Command
SAG - Soviet State-Stock Company (after 1954 Soviet-German joint stock company: SDAG, German)
SAK - Finnish Confederation of Trade Unions (Finnish)
SALT - Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty
SAM - surface-to-air missile
SAPMO - Foundation "Archive of the Parties and Mass Organizations of the former GDR" in the Federal Archives, Germany (German)
SB - Security Service (Polish)
SC - United Nations Security Council
SCA - Bureau of Security and Consular Affairs, U.S. Department of State
SCC - Soviet Control Commission
SCC - Special Coordination Committee (U.S.)
SCI - Bureau of International Scientific and Technological Affairs, U.S. Department of State
SCD - Special Commission on Disarmament Questions
SD - Democratic Party (Polish)
SDAG - Soviet-German Joint Stock Company, see SAG (German)
SDI - Strategic Defense Initiative
SDP - Association of Polish Journalists (Polish)
SE - southeast
SEA - Southeast Asia
SEACOORD - Southeast Asia Coordinating Committee
SEAMEC - Southeast Asia Monetary Exchange Council
SEATO - Southeast Asia Treaty Organization
Secdef - Secretary of Defense
Secstate - Secretary of State
Secto - series indicator for telegrams from the Secretary of State while away from Washington
Secy - Secretary of State
Secy Gen - Secretary General
Septel - seperate telegram
SED - Socialist Unity Party of Germany, GDR (German)
SEK - Confederation of Cypriot Workers
SF - State Farm
SFRC - Senate Foreign Relations Committee
SHAPE - Supreme Headquarters, Allied Powers, Europe
SIG - Senior Interdepartmental Group (NSC)
SIGINT - Signals Intelligence
SIOP - Single Integrated Operations Pland (for strategic nuclear weapons)
SITREP - situation report
SKDL - Finnish Peoples Democratic League (Finnish)
SKP - Finnish Communist Party (Finnish)
SLBM - submarine launched ballistic missile
SMAG - Soviet Military Administration in Germany
SMOF - Staff Member and Office Files
SNIE - Special National Intelligence Estimate
SNM - Free German Youth (GDR, Russian)
SNT - Scientific-Technical Association (Polish)
SOF(A) - State of Forces (Agreement)
SOK - Railway Guard Service (Polish)
SOP - standard operating procedure
SOV - Office of Soviet Union Affairs, Bureau of European Affairs, U.S. Department of State
SOVGOV - Soviet Government
SP - Polish Communist youth organization (Polish)
SPD - Social Democratic Party of Germany, FRG (German)
SR - strategic reserve
SR-171 - U.S. high altitude reconnaissance aircraft
SRG - Senior Review Group, U.S.
SRR - Socialist Republic of Romania
SSA - Security Service of the Army
SSOM - Scientific Society of Organization and Management
STA - Scientific-Technical Association
Stasi - State Security, GDR (German)
STB - Czechoslovak State Security (Czech)
SUA - Central State Archives (Prague)
SUPS - Socialist Union of Polish Students
SVN - South Vietnam
SYG - United Nations Secretary General
SZDP - Social Democratic Party (Hungarian)
SZOT - National Council of Trade Unions, Hungary (Hungarian)
SZSP - Socialist Union of Polish Students (Polish)


TA - technical assistance
- tactical
- tactical air command
- tactical air
- Tactical Air Control System
- Technically-based work norms (German)
TASS - Telegraph Agency of the Soviet Union (Russian)
TC - technical cooperation
TCC - Troop Contributing Countries (to Vietnam)
TDC - Taiwan Defense Committee
TDY - temporary duty
TGO - Local Operational Groups (Polish)
TIAS - "United States Treaties and Other International Agreements", publication series from the U.S. Department of State
TIM - Taiwan Independence Movement
TMT - Turkish Resistance Organization, Cyprus (Turkish)
TNFs - Theater-Range Nuclear Forces
TNOiK - Scientific Society of Organization and Management (Polish)
Toaid - series indicator for telegrams to the Agency for International Development
Todel - series indicator for telegrams to the delegation at the Paris Peace Talks
TOR - terms of reference
Tosec - series indicator for telegrams sent to the Secretary of State while outside of Washington
Tosit - series indicator for telegrams to the Situation Room of the White House
TPSL - Workers and Small Holders Social Democratic League of Finland (Finnish)
TS - top secret
TsDA - Central State Archives, Sofia (Bulgarian)
TsDAGOU - Central State Archive of Social Organizations of Ukraine (Ukrainian)
TsKhSD - Center for the Storage of Contemporary Documentation , Moscow (Russian)
TUSLOG - The United States Logistics Group


U-2 - single engine, high altitude reconnaissance aircraft with one crew member, U.S.
- Office of the Undersecretary of State, U.S.
- unclassified
- Unified Armed Forces
UAR - United Arab Republic
UBP - Office of State Security Poland (Polish)
- utility helicopter
- United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

- United Nations
UNCURK - United Nations Commission for the Unification and Rehabilitation of Korea
UNESCO - United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
UNGA - United Nations General Assembly
UNSC - United Nations Security Council
UNSTO - United Nations Truce Supervision Committee
UNTS - United Nations Treaty Series
UPI - United Press International
UPP - United Populist Party
UPW - Union of Polish Writers
US - United States
USA - United State of America
USA - United States Army
USAF - U.S. Air Force
USAID - United States Agency for International Development
USAREUR - United States Army, Europe
USC - United States Code
USC - United Strike Committee
USEC - United States Mission to the European Communities
USDA - United States Department of Agriculture
USDAO - United States Defense Attaché Office
USG - U.S. Government
USIA - United States Information Agency
USIB - United States Intelligence Board
USIG - Administration for Soviet Property in Germany
USINFO - United States Information Service
USIS - United States Information Service (overseas branches of the USIA)
USMC - United States Marine Corps
USN - United States Navy
USOM - United States Operations Mission
USPY - Union of Socialist Polish Youth
USSR - Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
UST - United States Treaty
USUN - United States Mission to the United Nations


VB - Czechoslovak Public Security (Czech)
VC - Voivodeship Committee
VC - Vietcong
VCH - High-frequency telephone line, used by Soviets for secret communications (Russian)
VCI - Vietcong Infrastructure
VDC - Voivodeship Defense Committee
VE - Voivodeship Exchange
VEB - Peoples' Owned Plant (German)
VFC - Volunteer Freedom Corps
VHA - Military History Archive, Prague, became Central Military Archives (VUA)
VHCP - Voivodeship Headquarters of the Citizens' Police
VKO - Military Defense Commission of the CC of the Czechoslovak Communist Party (Czech)
VLKSM - All-Union Leninist Communist Youth Union, Komsomol (Russian)
VMS - Voivodeship Military Staff
VMU - Vistula Military Units
VN - Vietnam
VNAF - Vietnamese Air Force
VOA - Voice of America
VOLAGS - voluntary agencies
VOPO - People's Police, GDR (German)
VP - vice president
- People's Police, GDR (German)
VP - verification panel
VPCC - Voivideship Party Control Commission
VRCP - Voluntary Reserves of the Citizens' Police
VS - Warsaw Treaty (Czech)
VSSG - Vietnam Special Studies Group
VUA - Central Military Archives, Prague, see VHA


WESTPAC - Commander, Western Pacific
- Western European Union
- White House
- White House Central Files
- World Health Organization
- White House Office
- Voivideship Party Control Commission (Polish)
WKO - Voivodeship Defense Committee (Polish)
WKR - Regional Military Headquarters (Polish)
WNRC - Washington National Records Center
WOP - Military Frontier Guards (Polish)
WP - Polish Army (Polish)
WP - Warsaw Pact
WPR - William P. Rogers
WRN - "Liberty, Equality, Independence", Polish underground anti-com resistance movement
WRN - National Voivodeship Council (Polish)
WRON - Military Council for National Salvation (Polish)
WSAG - Washington Special Actions Group
WSNS - Higher School of Social Studies of the PUWP CC (Polish)
WSOP - Firefighters Academy (Polish)
WSW - Army Security Service Poland (Polish)
WSW - Security Service of the Army (Polish)
WSW - Voivodeship Military Staff (Polish)
WTO - Warsaw Treaty Organization
WUBP - Voivodship of State Security, Poland (Polish)
WZD - General Assembly of Delegates (Polish)




YAF - Yugoslav Armed Forces
YLC - Yugoslav League of Communists


ZBWD - Association of Fighters for Liberty and Democracy (Polish)
ZK SED - Central Committee of the SED (German)
ZK - Central Committee (German)
ZLP - Union of Polish Writers (Polish)
ZMW - Rural Youth Union (Polish)
ZOMO - Mechanized Detachments of Citizens' Police (Polish)
ZPA NL - Central Party Archive of the SED, Personal Papers (Berlin)
ZPA - Central Party Archive of the SED (Berlin)
ZR - Regional Board (Polish)
ZSL - United Populist Party (Polish)
ZSMP - Union of Socialist Polish Youth (Polish)

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The abbreviations and acronyms collected in this list are in English, if not indicated otherwise by the mentioning of the source language in parentheses.
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