New book on the Soviet occupation of Romania, Hungary and Austria


Soviet Bloc Multilateral Meetings

Soviet Bloc Leadership Database

The United States and Eastern Europe

"Volume I. Chapter 16: East Central Europe, 1953-1956"

By Csaba Békés

in: The Cambridge History of the Cold War, 3 volumes



"Is China with us? Chinese diplomatic documents on Hungary, 1956"

By Péter Vámos



"The 1956 Revolution:
A History in Documents"

Edited by Csaba Békés,
Malcolm Byrne, János M. Rainer


"The 1956 Hungarian Revolution in World Politics"

By Csaba Békés



"Hungary in the Cold War 1945-1956: Between the United States and the Soviet Union"

By László Borhi



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11/07/2017 Call for papers - International workshop on Slavic and East European Studies: New horizon of dialogues on relational and area studies between junior and senior scholars – Szeged University, University College London, Hokkaido University
03/06/2017 The program of the Eight Annual Cold War History Research Center Student Conference is now avalaible
02/03/2017 The Center is now calling for abstracts for our 8th International Student Conference
29/11/2016 A thematic issue of the Corvinus Journal of International Affairs (COJOURN) on the international context of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution, co-edited by CWHRC director Csaba Békés is published.
29/11/2016 A short video report on the 7th CWHRC International Student Conference, organized in collaboration with the European Institute at Columbia University, held on May 30-31, 2016, is now available on Youtube.
29/11/2016 The new internship call for 2017 is now available
20/06/2016 The Center would like to invite you to the presentation of the book Soviet Occupation of Romania, Hungary and Austria 1944/45–1948/49
27/05/2016 The program of the Seventh Annual Cold War History Research Center Student Conference is now avalaible
04/04/2016 The Center is now calling for abstracts for our 7th International Student Conference
03/02/2016 The new internship call for 2016 is now available
06/01/2016 New book on the Soviet occupation of Romania, Hungary and Austria by Csaba Békés, László Borhi, Peter Ruggentaler and Ottmar Trasca
24/11/2015 New Publication on relations between Hungary and countries of the Middle East by Csaba Békés, László J Nagy and Dániel Vékony
24/11/2015 New Publication on the 1989 Malta Summit from the Hungarian perspective by Csaba Békés, Béla Révész and Barnabás Vajda
27/05/2015 The Center is now calling for abstracts for our 6th Internatonal Stundent Conference
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26/07/2013 New publication on Yugoslavia and its Cold War era automobile industry by Marko Miljkovic
07/07/2013 The program of the Fourth Annual Cold War History Research Center Student Conference is now avalaible
14/05/2013 The Center is now calling for abstracts for our 4th Internatonal Stundent Conference
14/04/2013 The report on the conference The end of an era: The Kremlin and Eastern Europe 1989–1991 co-organised by our Center available
28/03/2013 New publication on Hungarian-French relations in the 1960's by Zoltán Garadnai
26/03/2013 Book presentation by CWHRC Director Csaba Bekes at
the Open Society Archives-March 26, 2013 17:0
22/02/2013 The new internship call is now available
31/10/2012 László Borhi: Secret Peace Overtures, the Holocaust and Allied Strategy vis-avis Germany: Hungary in the Vortex of World War II. published in the Journal of Cold War Studies, 2012. vol 2. is now available

New publication for the 50th Anneversary of the Cuban missile crises by Csaba Békés and Melinda Kalmár is now available.

10/09/2012 The program of the conferece 'The end of an era: The Kremlin and Eastern Europe 1989–1991' that is coorganised by the Center is now available.
06/09/2012 The Center is now calling for intership applications for the autumn period of 2012
06/08/2012 The Chronology of the Soviet Bloc (1945-1991) has been updated with the years 1951 and 1952
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06/07/2012 The program of the Third Annual Student Conference (9-10 July 2012) is now available
25/04/2012 New publication on Hungary - Csaba Békés - Hungarian Foreign Policy in the Bipolar World, 1945–1991

New publication on Europe and Hungary - Csaba Békés - Why Was There No "Second Cold War" in Europe?

14/04/2012 The first part (1945-1950) of the Chronology of the Soviet Bloc (1945-1991) is now available!
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18/01/2012 New publication on Hungary
17/01/2012 New publications on Hungary and Romania


New publications in general topics and Germany

New publications on Czechoslovakia, China, the GDR, Hungary, Poland, Romania, the Soviet Union, and Yugoslavia

11/07/2011 Second Annual Cold War History Research Center International Student Conference
03/31/2011 Publications: new publication in the General Topics
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Chronology of the Soviet Bloc(1945-1991)

Part 1 (1945-52)

Part 2 (1953-68)



Special Collection

20 years after: Political Transition in Hungary, 1989


"Kim Il Sung in the Khrushchev Era: Soviet-DPRK Relations and the Roots of North Korean Despotism, 1953-1964"

Balázs Szalontai

[more ]

"Sino-Hungarian Relations and the 1956 Revolution"

By Péter Vámos


"North Korea's Efforts to Acquire Nuclear Technology and Nuclear Weapons: Evidence from Russian and Hungarian Archives"
By Balazs Szalontai and Sergey Radchenko


"Evolution and Revolution: Hungary and International Politics in 1956"

Edited by Csaba Békés




Representation at Recent Conferences

Dropping, maintaining and breaking the Iron Curtain: The Cold War and East-Central Europe twenty years later

Institute of Contemporary History, Czech Academy of SciencesPrague, 19-21, November, 2009.

Paper presented: Csaba Békés: Cold War, Détente and the Soviet Bloc, 1953–1975.

Political Mythology and History

University of Sofia “St. Kliment Ohridski” – Faculty of History, Faculty of Philosophy, Centre for Doctoral and Post-doctoral Research “Dialogue Europe”
with the support of WAZ Media Group
2-4 April 2009, Sofia

Paper presented; Csaba Bekes: Real and Apparent Crises of the EastWest Relationship during the Cold War.


Détente and CSCE in Europe. The States of the Warsaw Pact and the Federal Republic of Germany in their Mutual Perception and Rapprochement,

Volkswagen Stiftung-project "Détente and CSCE in Europe" at the University of Mannheim in cooperation with the Friedrich Ebert Foundation.
Prague, October 12–15, 2008.

Csaba Bekes: Hungary, the German question and the CSCE Process, 1965–1975

China and the World in Mao’s Last Decade, 1966-1976

University of Hong Kong, January 9–10, 2009

Péter Vámos: China’s Relations with East-Central European Soviet bloc countries, 19661976

Der "Prager Frühling": Das Internationale Krisenjahr 1968
[The "Prague Spring": 1968, a year of international crisis]

Ludwig Boltzmann-Institut für Kriegsfolgen-Forschung
Wien–Graz, August 20–22, 2008.

Csaba Békés: Hungary Between Prague and Moscow.

Modern Hungarian foreign policy – the present and its past

Institute of Habsburg Studies –Teleki László Foundation
Budapest, April 11, 2008

Csaba Békés: Magyar külpolitika a bipoláris világban, 1945–1991.
[Hungarian foreign policy in the bipolar World, 1945–1991]

Prague Spring and the Warsaw Pact Invasion of Czechoslovakia, 1968

Center Austria, University of New Orleans
New Orleans, April 34, 2008

Csaba Békés: Hungary and the Prague Spring.

Fateful Eights in Czech History: Historical Anniversaries of 2008 and Their Significance for Czech History Today

Czech Embassy Washington, D. C., George Washington University, National Security Archive, Washington D.C.

László Borhi: The Dissolution of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy and the Failure of Peace in Europe

Döntéshozatal és külpolitikai tanácsadás
[Decision making and foreign policy advising]

Hungarian Institute for Foreign Policy
Budapest, February 21, 2008

CWHRC Director Csaba Békés participated in a roundtable on Hungarian foreign policy strategy and foreign policy thinking.

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