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Three Sections You Can Find in Facebook:
- On This Day During the Cold War
- Recent Publications on the Cold War
- Oral History (Personal Chronicles)

Through its social media initiative, the Cold War History Research Center aims to connect people in a relatable, accessible way to the Cold War past. Its Facebook page reaches out with a wide variety of projects and approaches to learning about the Cold War, and is compiled through many perspectives of Cold War histories.
"On this day" posts remind us of the recent past, bringing it back to the present. They provide a brief, informative narrative of one historical day and moment, helping to keep the vast and complex history of the Cold War more reachable.
As the collaborative effort of a number of people and perspectives who come through the Center, the oral histories frequent on the page are researched and written by our multinational interns. Drawing from the Cold War experiences of people's friends and family, these posts recall a focus on human impact that is essential to historical study.
"Insight" posts To keep up with the evolving scholarship on the Cold War and to provide the latest to the public, we provide links to and brief descriptions of new Cold War material. We also post the most recent news in the field of Cold War History.

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